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The chronology of activities is divided and functioning into Social Awareness, Medical, Cultural, Economical and Educational fields are separately. We are conducting the seminars presently of prominent social workers, Christian clergy from all categories Muslim Moulavis, the Hindu thinkers and Christian professors. The meetings are Held in different areas, open-house for all interested adults, especially womenfolk. In the present crises are rocking family life, talks made by different speakers on.

Now we are increasing the branches in every District in Kerala State and started the operational Head office at Ollur Traders Center, Ollur in Thrissur District is the center of Kerala State with spreading the activities onwards. We are conducting Pollution Control Awareness Seminars, Medical camps, Blood donation camps, Eye testing camps, Cultural Awareness Camps, Educational Awareness Camps with distribution of educational kits to the poor students and Economical Awareness Camps regularly. Blue Moon Charitable Trust is also stringing form by phase to improve the awareness of basic education, especially among girls and adult women including illiterate older folks, whose awareness of their own literacy have in cheeringly being felt as mental and intellectual handle for liberalization of women kind from the clutches of firm obsolete custom and the Government supported activities. Distribution of pension to the old aged necessary needy peoples is ongoing. The Medicines, we are giving by the free of cost and follow up treatment medicine are also encased particularly for their below poverty line street urchins, beggars and neglected community without organized or systematic medical help.

 We have started the new cell under the management of M/s Blue Moon Charitable Trust named M/s Pollution Control Federation and conducting various mass awareness programmes in different areas in the Kerala State. According to the verification of our organizational Audit Report and Activity reports by CPCB, we have enlisted with Central Pollution Control Board under the Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change. The Enlistment Number is CPCB/11-16/0-1/792 and Regn. No: 777.  We have highlighted details about the contaminates in the drinking water such as by harmful chemical, virus and bacteria, its becoming disease in the human body of the public sector and started distribution of  the domestic  Water Purification System named M/s Safe & Health R.O. System for the Healthy purpose of public general in the Society .

We are conducting mainstream business and social heavyweights and positive thinking religious leaders, concerned in the evening. Open suggestions and creative remarks which can effectively be translated into tangible results in generating awareness at largeness of the fundamental need of literacy and basic education alignment among the Muslim, Christian and Hindu women community in particular taken into consideration. An action committee to formulate policies and programmes is the main resolution to work in tandem with Blue Moon Charitable Trust.


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